Dundee Resettlement Support


This service helps people settle into the Dundee area and to go on to fulfil their hopes and ambitions for life in Scotland.

Who is this service for?

The service works with people who have recently arrived in Dundee through the UK government’s resettlement programmes.

How we help

Our Integration support workers provide one-to-one advice and support on all aspects of settling into a new environment with the aim of giving people the best possible start to life in Dundee.

This includes practical support to help people find their way around the city, making sure people feel safe and orientated; ensuring accommodation and the local environment is suitable for families; helping people with the paperwork involved in setting up a new home and helping people plan their first few weeks in Scotland.

After this initial phase, we continue to work with people to develop a plan for achieving their longer-term hopes and ambitions.

The service draws on the knowledge and experience of the Syrian families who have already settled in Dundee. Using a peer support model, newly arrived families are able to benefit from the experience and insight people have gained over the last number of years in Dundee.

We also offer support to resettled families on their settlement application and citizenship processes

We deliver this service in partnership with Dundee City Council and local services.

Make an appointment for this service: 0808 196 7274

Mohammed's story

"I arrived in Scotland with nothing but my family who mean the world to me. Right now I am doing my best to open a Syrian takeaway restaurant in Dundee."

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