Since March 2020 the UK hasn’t welcomed a single person through its resettlement programme – the safest route to escaping war and rebuilding lives.

That was understandable at the start of the coronavirus crisis, when flights were grounded and it was deemed unsafe to travel abroad. However, air travel for summer holidays is now allowed, and removal flights are happening too.

There is no reason why life-saving flights cannot resume.

  • Charities, local groups and local authorities are ready to receive resettled people into their communities.
  • Funding for the scheme is already committed.
  • Hundreds of families – 600 men, women and children – have been waiting to be resettled since March.
  • Other countries have already restarted resettlement, including France, Italy and Canada.

The Home Secretary just needs to give the go-ahead.

Will you email your MP and pressure the Government to reopen safe routes to safety and commit to a resettlement programme welcoming at least 5,000 refugees a year?

Watch the video and join the campaign for #SafeRoutesToSafety.

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