Working with artists

We work to support the development of artists with lived experience of seeking refugee protection, and artists who explore narratives of refugee-hood, migration and identity. We do this through listening, promoting visibility and representation and collaborating and facilitating connections across the arts and culture sector in Scotland.

Disruption and belonging

This year at the heart of Refugee Festival Scotland 2019, we held an artist-led symposium for ten artists to share their practices and experiences of working locally and internationally, and to stimulate ongoing discussion around disruption and belonging within the arts sector in Scotland. The forum, funded by Creative Scotland and supported by the Centre for Contemporary Arts, provided a critical platform for artists and cultural activists to speak for themselves and to demonstrate their extensive talent, resilience and solidarity.

The forum also acted as the catalyst for building a wider network of practitioners with experience of seeking refugee protection and with an interest in work in this area.

To discuss our work in this area contact Soizig Carey 0141 248 9799 or through the contact us form.