Winter Appeal 2020 | Apart but still together

Scottish Refugee Council winter appeal

We can’t be with people in person this winter, but with your help we can make sure no one is left struggling to cope alone.

As we all still come to terms with the challenges the pandemic is having on our lives, refugees and people seeking asylum are more vulnerable than ever. Winter brings an added pressure to those already facing poverty, isolation and uncertainty, making life increasingly hard for families and those struggling to survive on their own.

Every day our caseworkers are online, on the telephone and behind the scenes, providing emergency support and advice to refugees across Scotland.

While we can’t provide our services in person right now, the need for our support is greater than ever.

“I have no one in Scotland, it has been an incredibly lonely and scary time”

Help us provide urgent and essential support to those most in need this winter.

£10 could pay for mobile data so a young person can attend an online meeting with their lawyer.

£25 could help us organise a group activity online, to bring isolated people together this winter.

£55 could provide an emergency payment to help a new family buy some winter essentials

Regular donations are a lifeline. They allow us to support more people and make a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of refugees in Scotland. To make a donation that will help beyond winter, set up a direct debit today.

Apart but still together

This year we collaborated with some well-known Scottish storytellers, to help share some heart-breaking and inspiring stories from refugees in Scotland, and our caseworkers who support them.

Below are just a few of the many experiences we share with our clients, and a reminder as to why your support is so vital this winter.

WATCH: Meet Elaine and Jack.

WATCH: Meet Elaine and Aneel.

WATCH: Meet Katie and Nadia.

WATCH: Meet Jean and Rania.

WATCH: Meet Adam and Chris.

WATCH: Meet Adam and Robyn.