Fairooz is a student at University of Glasgow and one of our fantastic volunteers. His inspirational story was shared as part of the Times Christmas Appeal.

Five years ago, Fairooz Khan and his father cycled across the world to spread a message of peace for Afghanistan. They visited Glasgow on their tour, which also saw them call in to the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Although Fairooz didn’t know it at the time, Scotland would soon become his permanent home.

Shortly after returning to Afghanistan Fairooz and his dad where forced to flee, leaving friends and family behind to seek refuge in the UK. When he first settled in Glasgow, we helped Fairooz to find his feet. Now he’s thriving!

Fairooz is studying Community Development at University of Glasgow. He also volunteers in our casework team, providing refugees with information and advice. And he is supporting Afghan families arriving in Scotland as a result of the worsening crisis in Afghanistan.

Despite everything going on, Fairooz is optimistic about his future: “If Scottish Refugee Council weren’t there to help it would have been very dark times. I feel proud and I am looking forward to doing my master’s, working with communities to empower people… Scotland is like a second home and I’m settled.”

Read Fairooz’s story here.

The Times Christmas Appeal

We’d like to say a massive thank you to generous readers of The Times and The Sunday Times, who raised an amazing £780,000 for Refugee Councils of Britain as part of the Times Christmas Appeal! This money will be shared between Scottish Refugee Council and our sister charities, Refugee Council and Welsh Refugee Council to help refugees and people seeking safety across the UK.

The people we work with are an inspiration. It’s been a real honour to share some of their stories of strength and resilience with you – and we’ve been totally bowled over by your kindness and support.

Thank you 🧡

Image: Robert Perry for The Times.


Chris Afuakwah
Author: Chris Afuakwah