We are conducting a survey into the experiences of people with refugee status who are renting private property in Scotland.

The Local Government and Communities Committee is currently considering the introduction of a new bill to govern private rented housing and is interested in hearing your views. The ‘Fair Rents Bill’ aims to increase protection for private tenants by limiting rent increases and allowing them to apply for a “fair” rent.

Although private accommodation is not the most common housing option among our clients, the number of people choosing private lets is increasing. In response Scottish Refugee Council wants to make sure that people in private lets and those considering it as an option are benefited by this bill which will help to make private renting more affordable.

We are conducting a brief survey and an optional follow-up focus group to learn about refugees views and experiences of the private rented sector and assess your knowledge of your rights as a tenant.

You can find the consultation here: fair rent consultation with refugees in Scotland

We would be most grateful if this could be shared with any appropriate contacts from the refugee community in your area.

Chris Afuakwah
Author: Chris Afuakwah