Asylum accommodation provider Serco has been trying to evict hundreds of people from their homes in Glasgow since summer 2018.

Whilst Govan Law Centre’s case, Ali vs Serco and others, was going through the legal process, around 150 eviction cases in Glasgow were paused until a final decision was reached.

The UK Supreme Court has refused the appeal on the grounds that the application does not raise an arguable point of law. A few short weeks ago, this would have led to mass evictions on the streets of Glasgo. As it stands, the current public health crisis has temporarily paused evictions from asylum accommodation for the next three months.

However, we and our colleagues in the #StopLockChangeEvictions coalition are deeply concerned as to what comes after that.

Mike Dailly, solicitor advocate for Govan Law Centre, said: “We are deeply disappointed with this decision, but our immediate concern is for the health, safety and well-being of our clients and everyone in Serco accommodation in Glasgow during the COVID-19 crisis.”

“We hope Serco will act responsibly and in the wider public interest in the present circumstances.”

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Chris Afuakwah
Author: Chris Afuakwah