Stop Lock Change 


 In light of Covid-19, evictions from asylum accommodation are paused for three months. But our work continues. 


This new report was commissioned by Scottish Refugee Council, JustRight Scotland and Shelter Scotland on behalf of the coalition and was written by independent researcher Helen Baillot.

The report was made possible by funding from the Network for Social Change, Shelter Scotland and Scottish Refugee Council.

Download A Site of Resistance: an evaluation of the Stop Lock Change Evictions coalition.

In July 2018, asylum accommodation provider Serco announced that they would evict 300 people from their homes via lock-change evictions if they were no longer eligible for asylum support.

Anticipating a humanitarian crisis, a group of charities, lawyers and campaigners came together to resist and overturn this policy and support people at risk.

This group became the Stop Lock Change Evictions coalition.

Today, the coalition remains resolute that people seeking asylum should never be subject to summary eviction, destitution and street homelessness by lock change.

The Stop Lock Change Evictions coalition has secured funding from the Scottish Government to deliver a specialist service for people at risk of eviction and destitution.

As Covid-19 unfolds, we are adapting to the crisis and ensuring that people are supported. We demanded that no evictions or terminations of support take place during this time, and are relieved that the UK government has paused evictions for three months.

Since June 2019:

Over 159 evictions have been temporarily blocked by the courts.

Over 35 people have been helped to access support they are entitled to.

10 people who were at risk of eviction now have refugee status.

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