Will you join us this Valentine’s Day in a show of love, friendship and solidarity with people who have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety?

We’re inviting members of the public, schools, faith groups and community organisations to stand Together With Refugees by sharing an orange heart on February 14.

Here’s how you can get involved:
  • Make an orange heart or use one of the designs provided by Together With Refugees, which you can find here.
  • Take a photo of your heart and share it on social media with the hashtag #TogetherWithRefugees. You can use the wording suggested below or choose a message of your own:

“This Valentine’s Day I’m showing my heart and standing #TogetherWithRefugees”

  • Post your photo on Monday 14 February or email it to media.officer@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk so we can add it to our photo gallery.

Please remember to tag us in your posts, so we can like and share.

Why an orange heart?

The orange heart is the symbol used by Together With Refugees, a coalition of over 200 groups and organisations across the UK all calling for a fairer and more compassionate asylum system.

The heart is a symbol that we can all stand behind. It incorporates the colours of the refugee nation flag, which were inspired by a lifebelt, representing hope.

People have knitted hearts, painted hearts, written messages of hope on heart shaped pieces of paper and drawn hearts in sand on the beach. Groups of people have even come together to make a heart shape with their bodies. How you take part is entirely up to you!

Join us this Valentine’s Day and show some love for people seeking safety 🧡


Claire Thomson
Author: Claire Thomson