We spoke to Samson, who took part in The Snuts’ ‘Somebody Loves You’ video with his son back in January. 

I am a professional football player but I was injured in the London bombings in 2005, and have been building myself back gradually since then. I have lived in various countries but have been in Scotland for nearly ten years. I love music, I love dancing, I love drawing, so when the opportunity to be part of this music video came up I knew I had to utilise it.

My son in the video is twelve years old, he is with Manchester City Academy and is a great player. He also enjoys dancing and singing as you’ll see in the video! I have two boys and I hope to keep putting a smile on their faces. I loved being part of this video. It refreshed my brain. Music makes everything better, it is like therapy.

When I first came to Scotland I was on trial with a couple of football clubs, but my injury beat me down and I was really struggling. But the people in Scotland are so friendly, I’m really happy here. Now I am Scottish.

I pray that the pandemic is over soon. This is not good for humanity, but I try to cope by following the rules, adapting to the situation, and keeping myself going. I feel so down and so sorry for those who have lost their loved ones. But we will get through this. When there is light there is hope.

When the pandemic is over, I want to keep moving forwards. I have applied to study sports, so that after retiring from football I can continue to help the community through coaching.

I appreciate everything Scottish Refugee Council has done for me at my lowest, when I was left on the streets. You have helped me so much and I know it has come from the heart. The work of your team is phenomenal.

We are all one and we will go far together.

The Snuts’ number one album, W.L. which features the hit single Somebody Loves you, is one of 20 albums that have made the longlist for the Scottish Album of the Year Awards. 

Artwork: @safeasmonk on instagram

Chris Afuakwah
Author: Chris Afuakwah