You make Refugee Festival Scotland possible. Every year groups, organisations and individuals organise and attend hundreds of fantastic festival events in locations across Scotland.

Please note that the deadline for submitting events for this year's festival has now passed.

Thanks so much to everyone for sending in your submissions. There are so many fantastic exhibitions, performances, activities and get-togethers for us to look forward to.

We'll be unveiling the full festival listings in May

Theme: Storytelling

Everyone has a story to tell. Our stories reflect the journeys our lives have taken and the places we want to go. They reveal who we are and shape how others see us.

This year, Refugee Festival Scotland will celebrate storytelling in many different forms – from music, dance, theatre and film to visual art, cookery and conversation.

By sharing the stories of people and communities who have made their lives in Scotland, we can get to know each other better and build understanding, solidarity and friendship. We can all play a part by listening, sharing and creating together.

Who can run an event?

Refugee Festival Scotland is a festival for everyone. If you have a great idea for an event that brings people together, you're more than welcome to join the fun.

Your event must:

  • Take place in Scotland
  • Be open to the public
  • Do at least one of these three things:
  1. Help people from refugee backgrounds to showcase their art, cultural heritage and contribution to life in Scotland
  2. Reduce loneliness and social isolation by providing refugees and people seeking asylum with an opportunity to become active members of their communities
  3. Raise awareness about the challenges faced by people seeking safety in Scotland and promote a culture of understanding, welcome and support

If your event doesn’t meet these criteria, we will not be able to include it in the festival programme.

Submitting your event

The deadline for submitting events for this year's festival programme has now passed. But don't worry, you can still take part in the festival.

Join us from 17-26 June for a whole host of fantastic events which will be taking place in communities across Scotland. We'll be sharing the full festival line up in May, so check back soon to find out what's happening near you.

Send us a photo for your event listing

If you're running an event as part of this year's festival, don't forget to send us a lovely, eye-catching picture for your event listing. Please remember to include ‘RFS event image’ and the title of your event in the email subject line.

Email your image and/or logo to

Your image/s should be:

  • Good quality and appropriate for audiences of all ages
  • No larger than 10 MB
  • No smaller than 500 KB

Please tell us the photographer/source of your image so we know who to credit. We may also share the image you provide on social media, and in marketing and reports.

**IMPORTANT: Only send images that you have consent to use to promote your event and that can be shared for publicity purposes**

Getting together

We’re really excited about getting together in person this summer for Refugee Festival Scotland.

We hope to see people gathering for events in venues across Scotland. Virtual events are also welcome. If you would like to invite people to join your event online, please provide an event link and give details about how they can take part remotely.

When the festival takes place this June, we hope that Covid-19 will be a distant memory. But it is important that we celebrate safely. All events must comply with government guidelines. Please check to see if any Covid guidelines are still in place in your local authority area closer to the time.

If you would like would like some advice or support to help you plan your event, please get in touch at