Refugee Rights to Housing


Scotland is a welcoming home for people seeking sanctuary from war and persecution, with growing communities of refugees making new lives for themselves. As more refugees are settled throughout Scotland, it places a greater emphasis on people working with refugees to understand their housing rights in order to help them to forge fully integrated lives.

Course content

This course identifies the different groups of asylum seekers and refugees most likely to seek housing in Scotland. You will learn how to identify their legal rights, and the duties and obligations on local authorities and other housing organisations towards them. Using small group work and common scenarios we will demonstrate how you can assist refugees to achieve sustainable and successful housing goals.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Recognise the legal difference between asylum seekers, refugees and migrants
  • Define and apply information on leave to remain, time limitation and public funds to entitlements to housing, benefits and social work support
  • Understand the duties and obligations on service providers to provide housing and support to asylum seekers and refugees
  • Understand the role of different agencies working with refugees and where to refer refugees and asylum seekers for additional help
  • Identify the factors that affect refugee integration and how these affect the sustainability of refugee housing
  • Assess the common cases most likely to present themselves to Service Providers and how to implement best practice in supporting refugees

Who is this course for?

You are a housing officer, an advisor, a support worker, or a member of frontline staff who may come into contact with refugees and asylum seekers. This course is also perfect for you if you make strategic or policy decisions that would affect this group of people.

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