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Scottish Parliamentary Reception celebrates courage

Celebrating Refugee Week Scotland at the Scottish Parliament

The Refugee Week Parliamentary Reception in Edinburgh on Wednesday 22 June was a well attended event, drawing approximately 75 people.  In addition to Scottish Refugee Council staff and volunteers, attendees included MSPs, Refugee Community Organisations and Integration Networks, members of Junior Writers with a Future and the refugee filmmakers who created the Refugee Week film Courage. The celebratory events commemorates Refugee Week, its events and accomplishments.

Hosts Christina McKelvie, MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, started the celebrations by warmly welcoming everyone to the Parliament.  

Ms McKelvie shared that she’s proud to be involved in the event and recognises it as an important one in the Scottish Parliamentary calendar.  She strongly believes that people seeking asylum and safety should be given sanctuary.

Courage can create social change

In the video below Ms McKelvie shares her views on courage – both as individuals and as a nation finding the courage to offer safety to those seeking asylum – and sees Scotland as a welcoming nation.  

Watch the video of Christina McKelvie on Youtube

Chris Pettigrew
Author: Chris Pettigrew