We are deeply disappointed that the bill passed its second reading in parliament this week.

Thank you to 53 of Scotland’s MPs who supported our call to vote against this cruel anti-refugee bill, and to everyone who contacted their MP. It is clearer than ever that this bill simply does not have the consent of Scotland.

Next steps

As the bill progresses to its next stages after the parliamentary recess, we and our friends and colleagues will be urging MPs and the UK Government to amend the Bill so that it fully complies with the UN Refugee Convention and tackles the real problems within the UK’s asylum system.

There is not only clear and real opposition to this bill from Scotland, but from our partners from across the UK. Over 200 organisations have joined the Together With Refugees coalition, which stands in opposition to this bill and is calling for a fair, effective and humane asylum system.

Get involved

We’re inviting everybody who would like to show their support for refugees to join us and Together With Refugees in sharing an orange heart on social media.

Claire Thomson
Author: Claire Thomson