The UK Government has published updated country policy and information notes (CPIN) on Afghanistan. These are available on the UK Government website.

Unfortunately, this update does not guarantee an expedited decision process for Afghans who are in the UK waiting for an asylum decision. Nor does it ensure that people who have been initially refused protection will have their cases reconsidered, or will be able to make fresh claims based on the drastic change of circumstances in Afghanistan.

We need to see the Home Office’s CPIN on Afghanistan reflect these incredibly difficult circumstances and make such an expedited process possible. It helps nobody for people from Afghanistan to be left in limbo, worrying about their future and those of their family and friends.

The Asylum Research Centre has issued a recently updated report on the situation in Afghanistan and the threat of the Taliban. We urge the Home Office to include the guidance in this report in their consideration and commit to swiftly granting people from Afghanistan, who are entering or already in the asylum system, refugee status.

We encourage people from Afghanistan who are in the asylum system or who have irregular immigration status to seek legal advice and support to regularise their status in the UK. Equally, we urge the legal profession and, as far as possible, frontline refugee services to proactively reach out to people from Afghanistan across our communities to enable access to protection, safety, and a meaningful future here in the UK.

Claire Thomson
Author: Claire Thomson