Refugee Festival Scotland Media Awards

Celebrating fair, accurate and well-researched journalism on refugee issues in Scotland.

The Refugee Festival Scotland Media Awards are back! And we’re looking forward to honouring the work of journalists covering refugee and asylum issues.

The awards celebrate coverage that is fair, responsible and that contributes to greater public understanding of issues around forced migration in Scotland.

Refugee Festival Scotland Media Awards are coordinated by Scottish Refugee Council in partnership with the National Union of Journalists Scotland (NUJ).

Journalists are invited to enter their own work or nominate the work of colleagues by submitting an example for consideration. Members of the public are also welcome to nominate work they consider to be outstanding.

Work can be entered for an award using our online form.

You can submit different entries for different categories if applicable. Journalists can enter one piece of work per category.


Written news: A written word news report on a current and/or breaking story. This can be print, online or multimedia.

Features: A written word newspaper, magazine, online or multimedia piece that creatively explores refugee issues.

Broadcast: A piece or filmed news or reporting. This can be TV or online.

Radio: This can include news reports, a full-length radio documentary or excerpts from a magazine programme.

Photography: A single photograph or series of photographs illustrating the refugee and asylum experience in Scotland.

Local media: This category is open to local Scottish media outlets and can be print, online or broadcast.


Entries must have been published or broadcast for the first time between 1 May 2021 and 30 April 2022.

It can be the work of volunteers, freelancers, or journalists working for named media outlets.

The award is open to journalists:

  • Living and working in Scotland
  • Working for a media outlet based in Scotland
  • Covering refugee and asylum issues in Scotland

You can submit a piece of work for consideration by completing our online form.

The deadline for entries is midnight on 30 April 2022

Judging criteria

Scottish Refugee Council will create an initial longlist of entries for each category. These will then be judged by a panel drawn from the NUJ, Scottish Refugee Council, representatives from refugee communities in Scotland and others with expertise in forced migration.

Judges are looking for work that:

  • Displays depth of understanding and insight into issues related to forced migration.
  • Is honest, accurate and well researched.
  • Gives voice to the refugee experience and/ or to individuals from refugee communities.
  • Has the potential for powerful impact on audiences.
  • Contributes to a wider cultural understanding of the refugee experience and of asylum as a human rights issue.
  • Promotes the highest standards of responsible use of language and representation of refugee issues.
The judges' decision is final. Judges will not enter into any correspondence regarding the judging of the competition.

How to enter

Step 1: Complete an online entry form, which you can find here.

Step 2: Remember to include a link to your entry in the form...

Step 3: Or send a link to your entry by email to

The closing date for entries in midnight on Saturday, 30 April.

For more information about the Refugee Festival Scotland Media Awards, please get in touch at