Support our Destitution Service this winter

With your help we can provide crucial support to hundreds of vulnerable individuals at risk of homelessness this winter.

The festive period is a time for getting together with loved ones and celebrating what’s important, but for many refugees it is a time of poverty, hardship and loneliness.
Refugees can become destitute at many points as they seek protection in the UK, leaving already traumatised individuals in a very frightening situation.
Our Destitution Service provides vital advice, information and practical support to people who have nowhere else to turn. Every year we deliver more than 1500 advice sessions and support hundreds of people at a critical point in their lives.

Every penny you donate will make a real difference to people in need this winter.



“Sometimes I don’t feel human, because I cannot do anything. And it’s not just me who’s like this – there are thousands of people who are in this situation.” – Robert

With your help we can provide crucial support to hundreds of vulnerable individuals.

£10 could cover transport costs so a family is able to attend an advice session.
£20 could provide a warm meal and a night of shelter for someone who has nowhere else to turn.
£40 could provide a free legal advice session for an individual at risk of eviction.



“I went home and my door was locked. Serco had taken everything away. I didn’t know where to go, I didn’t have anywhere to sleep. I slept in a garden, I’ll never forget that.” – Hadi

This winter more than 200 refugees in Glasgow are at risk of street homelessness

In response to the news that hundreds of refugees in Glasgow are at risk of being forcibly evicted over the coming weeks, our team is working harder than ever to minimise the impact on the individuals and the city.
The people we support do not have family networks in Scotland or friends with spare bedrooms where they can stay in a crisis. People have no options and the increased demand on our team means additional support is vital to keep our service running.



98% of refugees experience homelessness at some point when they claim asylum in the UK. Help us end destitution today. 


100% of your donations will support our Destitute Asylum Seeker Service (DASS), delivered in partnership with Refuge Survival Trust and British Red Cross