Seeking asylum can be very tough on families. Living with ongoing uncertainty and anxiety can have a huge impact on family life.

When Helen first came to our family service she had two young children who were both born in the UK. She told us that she was a survivor of trafficking and she was finding it difficult to cope psychologically. The demands and uncertainty of the asylum system were exhausting and she felt very isolated with no social connections in Glasgow. Bonding with her children was difficult and she often felt helpless and unsure of her parenting skills.
We worked with social services to help Helen increase her confidence as a parent and referred her to a specialist immigration lawyer to help her understand the asylum process. We also made sure she got the help she needed from a specialist service for trafficking survivors. Since then she has made steady progress with coming to terms with her past experiences.

Our family team introduced Helen to a local parent and child group and helped her older son feel more included at school. He is now thriving and has made friends.

Helen is now much more confident about her skills as a parent and more optimistic about the future. She is providing a stable and happy home environment where her two boys are thriving.

Author: chris.pettigrew