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Our Speaker Programme gives you the opportunity to share the stories of refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland, and to learn about the individual lives, cultures and experiences of our amazing Volunteer Speakers.
The programme aims to promote positive attitudes and inclusivity, and to remind our communities that everyone has their own life and their own story, no matter where they come from.

Our Speakers can visit your school, group or organisation, to talk about:

  • Their life and background
  • What it means to be an asylum seeker – why they had to flee their country and their experience of the asylum process
  • The definitions of asylum seeker, refugee and migrant; what it means to have refugee status
  • About the work of the Scottish Refugee Council, and how you can get involved.
  • How we help refugees in Scotland

To book a speaker

Contact us or phone Ruby Kelly on 0141 223 7958 to discuss your event and find out how we may be able to help.

‘Meeting Rania was incredibly thought provoking and inspiring. Her story was so important both because it revealed commonalities between her experience and ours in the sense that she mostly just hopes for a calm and safe place to raise her family. And also because it emphasised once again the importance of tolerance and the richness that Scotland gains from welcoming those of all cultures and societies. For our pupils, it was a unique opportunity to engage with someone from an entirely different background to them, they will never forget it.’ – Gemma, High School of Glasgow.

Become a Refugee Speaker

Are you an asylum seeker or refugee who is passionate about sharing your story with others? Make your voice heard – become a Refugee Speaker

As a Volunteer Speaker you’ll help raise awareness about asylum, challenge misconceptions about refugees and improve people’s understanding. You’ll also provide a first-hand perspective of the issues that refugees face, and what people in the community can do to promote inclusion.

‘My happiest moments so far since coming to the UK have been going around this beautiful country with the Speaker Programe and talking about my humbling experiences and opportunities as a young Asylum-seeker/Refugee here in Glasgow.’ – Alex, Volunteer Speaker

‘The speaker program is not only about sharing a story from our background… it’s about speaking for a cause, for a humanitarian crisis, raising awareness to help others … Joining the program is a way to share through my experience the things we need the most. And the most enjoyable in the program is the connections with others, and seeing hope in their eyes especially the next generation’ – Anas, Volunteer Speaker

Do I need previous experience?

Previous experience is welcomed but not needed because we will provide specific training that covers public speaking and how to make your presentation.

We’ll help you to develop your skills and support you to share your story in public settings like schools and community groups. All talks will take place in a welcoming and safe environment.


Email us or phone Ruby Kelly on 0141 223 7958 to find out more and learn how you can get involved.

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