Corporate support

At Scottish Refugee Council, we believe that partnerships are vital to the work we do- from staff fundraising to employment programmes, working with businesses is key to refugee integration and inclusion in Scottish society.

We want to work with you to create a unique partnership that works for everyone. Our fundraising team are passionate and dedicated to supporting you and your employees, and to delivering a partnership that gets the best results for everyone.

Become a partner and join us in our mission to create a safe, welcoming environment for refugees in Scotland where they can feel empowered to flourish.


Contact our Corporate Fundraising Officer by clicking here.

Ways we can work together

Partnerships aren’t solely about sponsorship or making a donation – there are lots of exciting and creative ways for us to work together to improve the lives of refugees in Scotland.

A prime example of this is our wonderful partnership with IKEA.

All children love to play, and that includes the children that visit our family room. Thanks to our corporate sponsor IKEA, our family room is fully kitted out with toys, games and a colouring in table, making it a bright and welcoming space for vulnerable children to play, have fun and feel safe.

Some ways you can help support refugees in Scotland

Staff fundraising

Staff fundraising is a fun and exciting way to get your whole organisation involved in supporting a great cause; have a look at some of our Fundraising Ideas to get started!

Matched giving

Show your employees how much you support them and their charitable activity by matching their fundraising income. This can be done pound-for-pound, or you can agree to a set amount that your company will contribute.

Charity of the Year

Nominate us as your charity of the year and support our work all year round! We can supply you with information and resources to support your nomination.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a great and tax-efficient way to give as you earn.


Sponsoring our annual Festival, specific projects or campaigns, or research reports can give you an insight in to specific areas of refugee support and also get you and your company in front of new audiences.

Employ refugees

Employability is a big part of our work- getting refugees in to employment is a vital part of integration and establishing independence for refugees. Our clients have a huge pool of untapped potential and skillset which your company could benefit from.

Get in touch with our Employability team to learn more.


Donate your time by volunteering at a fundraising event, or alternatively we could organise a ‘Share Your Skills Day’ when you and your colleagues can come in to our office to talk and give advice to some of our clients who are trying to find their way in the Scottish world of work.

Gifts in kind

Does your company make a product/ software/ service that you think would be useful? Make a gift in kind and play your part in improving the lives of vulnerable refugees in Scotland!

Cause-related marketing

Cause-related marketing is a win-win for everyone. Studies have shown that people are more likely to buy a product if they know the company works with a charity, so why not link up your product to Scottish Refugee Council to boost sales whilst promoting the importance of supporting refugees?

Thank you for your support

Last year our integration team provided support to 1,147 people. Contact our Corporate Fundraising Officer by clicking here.