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A Housing Practitioners' Guide to Integrating Asylum Seekers & Refugees 2021

Age Assessment Practice Guidance – An Age Assessment Pathway for Social Workers in Scotland

Age Assessment Information Guide (for young people)

Family Integration Practice Guide

Factsheet: Afghanistan Relocation and Resettlement Schemes

Factsheet: Your rights in Scotland: Ukraine Schemes

Factsheet: Where to find help if you are from Ukraine

The following factsheets on asylum and refugee rights and entitlements are developed as supporting resources for the Family Integration Practice Guide

Factsheet 1: Introduction

Factsheet 2: Human rights and equalities

Factsheet 3: Education

Factsheet 4: Employment and volunteering

Factsheet 5: Financial support

Factsheet 6: Health and social care

Factsheet 7: Housing

Factsheet 8: Access to legal advice

Factsheet 9: How to claim asylum

Tools to support individual refugees

Building infrastructure to support refugee integration

Tools to support community Integration

New Scots Holidays A handbook for setting up a holiday hosting scheme