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Claiming Asylum

  • Home Office policy states that all people seeking asylum should travel to Croydon to lodge their claims.

    You can apply for asylum to the immigration officer on arrival at the port of entry, for example, at an airport or seaport or at the Home Office in Croydon after you have entered the UK. You may, for example, have entered the country illegally, or legally on a student, visitor or business visa.

    The Croydon Asylum Screening Unit is based at Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon CR9 2BY.

    Under very exceptional circumstances it may be possible to have your asylum application recorded and screened at a Local Enforcement Office. This may apply to unaccompanied children and those whose condition is such that they cannot reasonably be expected to travel to Croydon.

    Asylum advice

    If you need telephone or face-to-face advice on your asylum claim, you can contact Migrant Help.

    Migrant Help is an independent organisation funded by the Home Office to provide information and advice to people seeking asylum. Call 0808 801 0503.

    Legal help

    You’re entitled to a legal representative to help you with your asylum claim. 

  • I am under the age of 18 keyboard_arrow_right
    If you are under 18 and in Scotland on your own, we might be able to help you through our Scottish Guardianship Service. Call: 0800 0856150 / 0141 445 8659
  • If you are a newly arrived asylum seeking family in Glasgow with children under 8 years of age, we might be able to help you through our Family Key Work service. Call us on: 0808 196 7274

I have made a claim for asylum. What happens next?

I have received a decision about my application for asylum.