Covid-19 Refugee Support Fund

COVID-19 affects us all, but it is crucial at this time to remember the most vulnerable and isolated in our society.

It is often in times of crisis that we see the best of humanity, and we believe we can face this challenge together.

Why refugees need your support today

The increased challenges Covid-19 presents will be fatal to refugees already at risk. Without access to accommodation, emergency financial support and basic technology, many refugees will face blanket isolation and extreme poverty.

We are adapting our services and increasing our online and telephone presence to help protect the most vulnerable and reach as many refugees as possible at this critical time.

We are working to ensure that:

    • people have access to food, essential items and urgent financial support
    • everyone who is homeless or in temporary accommodation gets the emergency assistance they need to stay safe
    • people can access the services they need and have somewhere to turn when they need support
    • every individual or family can access up to date advice, assistance and information remotely

How you can help

Make a donation to our Covid-19 Refugee Support Fund today. Every penny will help protect the most vulnerable at this critical time.

Get in touch if you can donate a smartphone, laptop or tablet. As we all adapt to remote working, not all refugees can do the same. Technology is a lifeline that will give people access to vital services and important updates on Covid-19. If you have a spare smartphone, laptop or tablet please let us know and we can make arrangements for them to be delivered to individuals and families in need.

Scottish Refugee Council remains as committed as ever to providing support and urgent assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland, today that support is more critical than ever.

Thank you

Will you give just £10 today to our Refugee Support Fund?