Covid-19 information in other languages

People in Scotland whose first or preferred language is not English can find translated information and advice about COVID-19 on this page.

We have been working with Public Health Scotland to combat misinformation around the COVID-19 vaccine.

Hussam recorded the video in Arabic. Find out more about why he got involved in the project.


Jewels Lang, Communities Manager at Scottish Refugee Council:

“Refugee and migrant communities in Scotland are disproportionally overrepresented both in hospitalisation and infection rates but are underrepresented in vaccine uptake. The reasons for the low take-up include a lack of understanding and misinformation.

“It is vital that information about the COVID-19 vaccine should be culturally appropriate, from sources and community languages of trust - this is why we made a series of these films with Public Health Scotland.

“Health literacy varies amongst communities in how information is interpreted and a lot of the reluctance is around the communication mediums used, that is why grassroots communication like this is essential.

“It has an impact because local people can see the faces they know from their community that they feel they can trust”


The coronavirus vaccine does not cause a coronavirus infection. It helps to build up your immunity to the virus, so your body will fight it off more easily if it affects you.

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