Refugee Advisory Group

The Refugee Advisory Group (RAG) is made up of representatives of different refugee communities and refugee-led community organisations in Scotland.

The group meets every six to eight weeks and plays a really important role in sustaining communication between Scottish Refugee Council and refugee communities. We share information about what we do with communities via the RAG group representatives, who in turn update us on the concerns and opinions of their communities. This dialogue influences the way we work to better reflect the needs of people seeking and granted refugee protection in Scotland. The RAG has recently been involved in developing our forthcoming strategic plan.

If you are interested in joining the RAG or would like to find out more email our communities team

Guy – Refugee Advisory Group member

“I arrived in the UK as an eighteen-year-old teenage boy. At first, it seemed as if I would make a career as a professional footballer, but these plans were dashed by a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. In the same way as I had had to get used to learning English, the Glaswegian accent and the winter snow, I now had to find a new direction.  Wanting to help others with a similar background, before coming to Glasgow I had already been a volunteer at the North East Refugee Council in Middlesbrough. In Scotland, I became one of the founding members of the Cameroonian Association and NSI (Next Step Initiative).”

From 2013 until 2017, I worked as a volunteer receptionist at the British Red Cross and since 2017, I have become more involved with the Scottish Refugee Council. Known as United Nation (UN) amongst the African community, I believe we should leave a good legacy for future generations; that is my main motivation and target.

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