Meet Chatty!

Chatty is our new digital assistant, ready to respond to questions and queries from individuals, communities and local authorities. Chatty’s job is to signpost people to information on asylum and refugee issues, including housing, employability and destitution.

Chatty has been designed with the support of our communities, who have helped us to develop the project through trial runs and focus groups.

Over the past few years, we have redesigned our website and set up a telephone helpline to make sure that we can support New Scots and communities to access information and advice as easily as possible.

Our digital information and helpline have become even more necessary in lockdown, when we have been unable to carry out face-to-face appointments and the need for clear, easy to access information has been so great.

Wafa Shaheen, Head of Services:

“This project has been in the pipeline for a while, but in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic our advisors are now working exclusively online and over the phone. Therefore a digital assistant who can answer simple queries could not have come at a better time. Welcome to the team, Chatty.”

You will find Chatty on the homepage of our website. For more info, watch our quick video below about how it all works.

Our advisors will continue to provide our one-to-one advice and support services by phone to all our clients.

This project is part-funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union.

Faris D
Author: Faris D