Being a Better Trainer


Being a Better Trainer is specifically designed to change our perceptions of how to learn. This course will examine the kind of trainer you are by exploring your ethics, values, experiences and qualifications. Knowing the purpose of the tools we use will help you to structure your content to create the best opportunities for people to learn.

Course content

This skills-based course will analyse the tools and techniques we use when adopting different learning styles to discover what appeals to participants. Trainers are as diverse as the people we train and we will discuss and demonstrate the range of ways of learning beyond reading and writing. Using case studies and group work you will develop skills to recognise the contrasting elements that impact on our learning including visual, aural and kinaesthetic prompters.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Put a training course together that gets the best from each participant and enhances their training journey
  • Understand how our brain works when we train, how we absorb information, and how we feel when we absorb information
  • Understand what happens to the body when we present information
  • Fix learning practices in participants’ heads
  • Respect the importance of evaluation and how to treat it with respect
  • Pitch and pace your training and how to present it to groups of different abilities and ages
  • Get the best from participants using small group work
  • Create a safe learning environment
  • Analyse ice breakers and their effectiveness

Who is this course for?

You already have some experience as a trainer. It is perfect for you if you wish to revisit, refresh and enhance your existing skills.

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