Anas arrived in Scotland in 2018 and volunteered with Scottish Refugee Council whilst awaiting their asylum decision. They have recently found employment with Glasgow Life with the support of our Employability team.

“When I arrived in Scotland in 2018, I felt the impression that the country is home – a place where I can live as I am – and that’s the charm of Scotland.

“As a transgender person I felt the gift of freedom that I’ve never experienced before, being loved and accepted in this country.

“This pushes me to give all my potential for the sake of the country, and be a part of creating a bright future where everyone can flourish.

“And that’s my vision, starting with volunteering in Scottish Refugee Council for more than 6 months and now working with communities through my job at Glasgow Life.

“I’m hoping to continue my studies in Psychology, to achieve my vision and my dream to be a scientist.”

Chris Afuakwah
Author: Chris Afuakwah