We’ve started an Afghan Support Network to coordinate all your generous offers of support for Afghan refugees.

Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to contact us with kind offers of practical support for people fleeing the Taliban. Please use our quick and easy online form to let us know how you can help so we can plan ahead and get ready to welcome Afghans arriving in Scotland.

The situation in Afghanistan is fast moving. Even before the current crisis unfolded, many local authorities in Scotland had agreed to welcome people from Afghanistan under the UK Government’s Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP). The ARAP scheme was launched in April this year to resettle Afghan nationals whose lives are at risk because they supported British operations in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday 18 August, the Prime Minister announced that the UK would resettle a further 20,000 people fleeing the Taliban – 5,000 in the first year – as part of a new Afghanistan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme.

We’re already in conversation with Scottish Government and local authorities, who will be supporting refugees as part of these resettlement programmes. But we’re still waiting for the Home Office to provide more information about how the new scheme will work, when it will begin, and who will be eligible to apply.

So much is still unclear. What we do know is that many of you want to help.

Grassroots organisations and community groups can register to be part of our Afghan Support Network by letting us know where they’re based and what services they can provide. This will allow us to coordinate all these offers of support so we can quickly identify what services are available and where they are most needed.

To register your offer of support, please complete this form. 

We’re still in the early stages of planning and the needs of the men, women and children arriving from Afghanistan are not yet known. Once we have more details, we’ll be in touch to let you know how your support could be best used to help Afghan refugees. We’ll be sharing regular updates on our website and social media platforms, so please follow us for the latest developments.

Offers of clothing, homeware and accommodation

We are not able to accept direct donations of clothing, children’s toys, or household goods. However, you can use our New Scots Connect map to find groups and organisations in your local area – like Refuweegee in Glasgow – who may be looking for this kind of support.

If you would like to offer accommodation to a refugee or person seeking asylum on a temporary basis, please contact Room For Refugees.

On behalf of everyone at Scottish Refugee Council, thank you ?


Visit our page on Afghanistan for more information and advice.




Rachel Lamb
Author: Rachel Lamb