Our impact

We work with thousands of people every year, supporting each person to rebuild their life in Scotland.

One year into lockdown, our latest report highlights the impact of new Scots community groups who received our participative funding.

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Communities have been strong, resilient and adaptive in the face of the pandemic, and we are so grateful to have been able to support people in this way. Whilst our funding model has certainly not been the only source of support for communities at this time, this report provides a snapshot of the impact of some of our funding and the potential for future development.

Friends for All Project: “The resilience and commitment of the organisation to the community was tested in this crisis. The funding has helped the organisation to learn that when the need arises, we can be resilient, adaptive, and agile.”

Renfrewshire Effort to Empower Minorities: “The funding helped us to identify and improve our resilience in supporting vulnerable families during times of need. Many of the families we supported would have fallen into deeper social problems had we not had the funding to extend support.”

The Yemeni Community in Scotland: “ Our community would have been in a continuous dire condition. We are happy that we at least managed to help them worry less about providing for themselves.”

Our strategic aims

To help us define our priorities for the next three years, we spoke to and listened to refugee community organisations and community leaders across Scotland, as well as funders, policy-makers and other refugee sector charities. Their insights and responses helped shape this plan.

In our strategic plan for the next three years we have committed to:

  • Empower people seeking protection to further their rights and to achieve their ambitions.
  • Advocate for fair and just policies and practice,
  • Nurture relationships with public, private and community organisations for the greater benefit of the people we serve.

Download our latest annual report to find out more.

Financial Accounts

All charities are required to submit their annual accounts to the charities regulator, OSCR. You can find ours here.

For copies of earlier annual reviews and financial statements, please email us or call 0141 248 9799.