Our impact

We work with thousands of people every year, supporting each person to rebuild their life in Scotland.

Our impact – voting rights.

In February 2020, the Scottish Parliament passed a new law which extends the right to vote in Scottish elections to people who are over 16 and live in Scotland. This includes everyone with leave to remain, including people with refugee status.

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One of the people we support through our Integration Service had this to say about voting for the first time:

“Please understand, I think this is more important than housing and universal credit for me.

“As one of the few countries in the world that allows refugees to vote, I am honoured to participate in this historic moment. It is especially meaningful that I come from a country where the people have no actual voting rights.

“I have realized it is my right to be treated as a human being. I love the land of Glasgow and Scotland, this is my home country.

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