Refugee stories

Every year we work with hundreds of people who are forced to flee their own countries and seek safety in Scotland. Get to know some of them, understand their experiences and hear their stories - in their own words

Want to share your story? Contact us. We also welcome contributions from asylum seekers and refugees to our blog.

  • Hadi's Story Hadi came to Scotland in 2012. His asylum claim has been refused 3 times. Stuck in limbo, Hadi is struggling to cope. Read this story
  • Nevada's Story Nevada is 35 and from West Africa. She has been living in Glasgow for ten years, has been in and out of detention centres across the UK, and has recently had her support cut again. She has found strength in faith and volunteering in her community. Read this story
  • A destitute man c.Kuzma/ iStock Ali's Story Ali, 35, came to the UK eight years ago fleeing persecution by the Taliban. His right to asylum has been denied but he is unable to return to Afghanistan. He has been living in Scotland for two years, and the Home Office has recently cut off his support. Read this story
  • 1 Robert's Story Robert, 45, is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has been in the UK for several years after escaping horrific human rights abuses in his home country, and is an active member of his new community in Glasgow. Read this story
  • money in hands  c. Jenny Wicks Zardasht's Story Zardasht, 37, is Kurdish and has been in Scotland for four years. He lived for two of those years without any support, and fears being made destitute again in the near future. Read this story
  • Berthe Patricia Nganga Patricia's story "It’s so frustrating; as an asylum seeker you’re not allowed to work, you’re not allowed to do full-time courses... it can make you crazy." Read this story
  • JosephSisay Joseph's story 'I was totally in shock. I’d come here for protection and then I was left totally on my own. I was on the streets for about a week.' Read this story
  • Anna Ana's Story “The stress I’m under is terrible. Back home, before I had to flee, I had a good life. I’ve had to move from that good life, gone through torture, detention, and prison. I’m scared all the time, I don’t sleep.” Read this story
  • Wencai Qu c.Angela Catlin Wencai's story "I fled China with three other people, and it took me six months to get to the UK through Russia. It was a tough journey." Read this story
  • Shah Mohammad c.Angela Catlin Shah's story "Our problem was related to land, and there was violence - afterwards just me, my brother and my sister were alive. That’s why I came here." Read this story