Refugee services

Independent advocacy is at the heart of our services for refugees and people in the asylum process.

Our current services include:

Refugee Integration Service

Our caseworkers in the Refugee Integration Service work with new refugees and family members of refugees reunited in Scotland to assist them in integrating into the country. We assist people granted Refugee Status, Humanitarian Protection, or Discretionary Leave to Remain to learn about and access their rights and entitlements.

Our caseworkers provide advice and assistance in a range of areas, including housing, welfare rights, and employability as well as encourage people to actively participate in their communities and wider society.

Family Key Work Service

Our Family Key Work Service offers specialised advice and support to asylum seeking families with children aged from 0-8 years to help them navigate the asylum system. Support is for at least six months after arrival or dispersal to Scotland. We focus on early identification of the needs of parents and children and building families’ understanding of asylum, health, and education and other UK and Scottish systems.

Scottish Guardianship Service

The Scottish Guardianship Service, delivered in partnership between Aberlour Child Care Trust and Scottish Refugee Council, helps unaccompanied young people going through the asylum system. The guardians act as independent advocates and assist young people throughout the complex and often confusing asylum process. They ensure children have access to the help they need to make informed decisions about their future.

Destitute Asylum Seeker Service

The Destitute Asylum Seeker Service (DASS) assists refused asylum seekers who are known as ARE (Appeal Rights Exhausted) to find a route out of destitution and resolve their situation.

This service is led by Refugee Survival Trust which works in partnership with Scottish Refugee Council, British Red Cross, University of Strathclyde Law Clinic, Glasgow Night Shelter, Fasgadh and Arise & Walk.

Community Engagement

We work with refugees wishing to set up their own representative organisations or receive communities providing services to support asylum seekers and refugees or promoting integration locally.
We work alongside local development workers and other capacity building agencies to achieve this. We also work to influence policy and strategy in this area alongside other partners such as the Scottish Refugee Policy Forum and Refugee Women’s Strategy Group.