Policy responses



Scottish Refugee Council's response the Scottish Government's consultation on local connection and intentionality provisions in homelessness legislation.

Read: Response Scottish Government Consultation on Local Connection and Intentionality April 2019


November 2018

Scottish Refugee Council's submission for an inquiry into the relationship between Scottish criminal justice agencies and the Home Office. 

READ: Submission for an Inquiry into relationship between Scottish criminal justice agencies and Home office November 2018

February 2018 

Scottish Refugee Council's submission to the Public Administration & Constitutional Affairs Committee's inquiry - Sourcing public services: lessons learned from the collapse of Carillion.

READ: Submission re sourcing public services


January 2017

Scottish Refugee Council's response to the consultation on the closure of Bridgeton, Castlemilk and Maryhill jobcentres and the services provided being transferred to other jobcentres in the city of Glasgow. 

READ: Consultation response on the future of Bridgeton, Castlemilk and Maryhill jobcentres



October 2016

READ: Refugees, mental health and stigma in Scotland

This briefing paper aims to provide policy makers and service providers with an overview of what we know about refugees’ experience of mental health stigma and discrimination, and sets out recommendations for how best to respond to the mental health needs of new communities.

August 2016

READ: Housing Practitioners Guide to Integrating Asylum Seekers & Refugees

Updated guidance for housing sector professionals working with refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland.

May 2016

READ: Scottish Refugee Council's Manifesto for the Scottish Parliament Elections 2016

Based on our 'Key Principles of a Fair and Humane Asylum System', Scottish Refugee Council's manifesto sets out five practical recommendations for the new Scottish Government to be elected in May 2016.

READ: A Safe Haven? Britain's Role in Protecting People on the Move

This briefing, published by Oxfam GB in partnership with 12 other agencies including Scottish Refugee Council, provides an overview of what the UK should do to deliver on its responsibility to respond to global displacement.

January 2016

READ: Key Principles of Protection

Scottish Refugee Council sets out six principles as a benchmark for how asylum seekers’ and refugees’ rights should be respected, and to ensure that they are welcomed, treated with dignity and empowered to play a full and equal role in their new communities. These Key Principles of Protection are consistent with international, European and domestic human rights and refugee law and are based on Scottish Refugee Council’s 30 years’ experience of working with and for refugees in Scotland, the UK and Europe. 


October 2015

September 2015

Scottish Refugee Council firmly believes no person seeking or refused asylum should be rendered destitute. We reject the Home Office’s consultation proposals in their entirety. Our full response is in this submission to the Home Office. 

This briefing sets out background information on the refugee crisis, what the UK Government response has been, what the Scottish Government response has been, and what we think the solutions are to the crisis.


October 2014

April 2014

Equality organisation Engender have worked with Close the Gap, Scottish Women’s Aid, Scottish Women’s Convention, Zero Tolerance and Scottish Refugee Council to create this joint position paper on women and the welfare reform.

February 2014

As part of the process of developing a strategy to tackle the causes and consequences of violence against women and girls in Scotland, the Scottish Government is seeking feedback from stakeholders. This is our response.

This is our response to the Scottish Government's call for vies on the new Housing (Scotland) Bill.

Scottish Refugee Council is instinctively sympathetic to the rationale and objectives of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill.

January 2014

Statement of concern on the impact of the Immigration Bill on Scotland

In this statement, representatives from Scotland’s housing, health and migrants’ rights and refugee sectors outline their key concerns regarding the housing and health proposalsii in the UK Government’s Immigration Bill.


December 2013

Scottish Refugee Council brief on the 'Go Home' members debate on 19 December 2013

Scottish Refugee Council welcomes the cross-party consensus in The Scottish Parliament against the Go Home campaign.

New Scots: Integrating Refugees in Scotland’s Communities

Along with the Scottish Government and COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership, we presented the new integration strategy on 9 December 2013. This is an ambitious strategy with the purpose of co-ordinating the efforts of all organisations involved in supporting refugees and people seeking asylum in Scotland in order to make Scotland a welcoming place to people seeking protection.

October 2013

Scottish Refugee Council's response to the second Reading of the Immigration Bill – 22 October 2013

September 2013

Department of Health consultation on migrant access and their financial contribution to NHS provision in England: Scottish Refugee Council response

Home Office Consulation on Controlling Immigration - Regulating Migrant Access to Health Services in the UK: Scottish Refugee Council Response

Home Office Consultation on tackling illegal immigration in privately rented accommodation: Scottish Refugee Council response

Our consultation responses to The Department of Health and the Home Office on health and housing issues arising from the proposed Immigration Bill.

May 2013

Inquiry into Jobcentre Plus: Evidence submitted by Scottish Refugee Council

This report outlines recommendations made by Scottish Refugee Council to the Work and Pensions Select Committee. It calls for greater accessibility for all groups to Jobcentre Plus services and a fuller understanding of the needs of asylum seekers and refugees.

April 2013

Inquiry into Asylum: Evidence submitted by Scottish Refugee Council

This report contains the evidence submitted to the Home Affairs Select Committee enquiry into asylum, the first focused inquiry in this area in ten years.

February 2013

Health rights and entitlements of refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland

This briefing outlines the rights and legal entitlements of refugees and asylum seekers to NHS services.


November 2012

STUC Women’s Conference 2012 - Women asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland (PDF)

This briefing provides background to issues affecting asylum seeking and refugee women. It also highlights solutions needed to ensure women who have fled persecution and conflict have a fair and equal opportunity to seek safety and rebuild their lives in Scotland with dignity.

October 2012

Inquiry into the human rights of unaccompanied migrant children and young people - Evidence submitted by Scottish Refugee council (PDF)

This short submission seeks to provide some additional evidence on the rights of unaccompanied asylum-seeking and refugee children in Scotland.

Appendix 1: Refugee Family Reunion and Unaccompanied Minors (PDF)

This paper seeks to outline the problematic situation of separated children who have been granted refugee or humanitarian protection status in the UK and want to be reunited with their parents.

Care for Unaccompanied Minors - Minimum standards,
risk factors and recommendations for practitioners (PDF)

This report is a result of the project ‘Guardianship in Practice’ in cooperation with and support of the European Commission (European Refugee Fund) and the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM). We have contributed to its findings.

September 2012

Scottish Refugee Council CERB Consultation Response (PDF)

This is our reponse to the Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill consultation.

The Scottish Government's consultation on a proposal for a Children and Young People Bill (PDF)

This is our response to the consultation submitted by our Child Policy Officer

April 2012

Serco Group - new provider of support services for people seeking asylum in Scotland (PDF)

This briefing sets out the background to this development, the impact it is already having on people seeking asylum and our views and concerns.


December 2011

Asylum Support Partnership (ASP) Move-On and Integration Advice following cuts to RIES and OSS Services (178Kb, PDF)

This statement has been agreed by the Asylum Support Partnership (ASP), which brings together key national and regional charitable providers of asylum support services to refugees and asylum seekers,  to ensure, through collaborative work, that asylum seekers get the support they need.

November 2011

Response to Scottish Social Housing Charter (476Kb, PDF)

Our response to the draft of the Social Housing Charter is based, like our former response on the consultation document in May, on our casework experience and research. Our response focuses on the promotion of a human rights approach and the inclusion of an equality outcome.

November 2011

Response to the Consultation on the Revised Public Sector Duty Revised Draft Regulations (180Kb, PDF)

May 2011

Consultation response to the Consultation Paper to Social Housing Charter (432Kb, PDF)

Our response is based on our experiences providing services, including housing advice, to asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland. It is also based on published research we commissioned into refugees’ experiences accessing stable housing in Scotland.

March 2011

Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland
Human Trafficking Inquiry (300Kb, PDF)

Our response regarding the Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland's inquiry on human trafficking in Scotland, which looks at all forms of trafficking, particularly into sexual exploitation. Our response to the consultation focuses solely on the components of the inquiry where we have evidence and/or sound operational knowledge.


December 2010

Briefing to MSPs for Scottish Parliament debate on 'UKBA’s Contempt Agenda for Scotland'

A briefing on UK Border Agency’s termination of its housing contract with Glasgow City Council, plus their refusal to respond to MSPs’ representations on individual asylum and immigration cases.
Read the debate in the Scottish Parliament on 16 December 2010.

October 2010

A fresh start? The new Government’s agenda for reforming the asylum system in the UK

The purpose of our annual conference on 29 October 2010 was to provide a forum for stakeholders to feed their views into policy reviews, including a review of the asylum process itself, against the background of challenging financial pressures. The report presents a synopsis of the conference and the recommendations that came from each of the workshops.

September 2010

National guidance for child protection in Scotland

Our response soley relates to the components of the guidance which focus on separated children.   

August 2010

Fresh thinking, new ideas: housing policy in Scotland

This is our response to the Scottish Government's green paper, 'Fresh Thinking, New Ideas'. We welcome the opportunity to have our say on housing policy in Scotland. Our response is based on the experiences of our new Housing Development Officer and on our recently published research, 'Navigating the maze.' Read our research report Navigating the maze: refugee routes to housing support and settlemen (906Kb, PDF).

July 2010

UK Border Agency Review into ending the detention of children

Having long called for the end of child detention for immigration purposes, we welcome the UK Government’s commitment to ending this inhumane practice. Scottish Refugee Council is a member of both the Refugee Children’s Consortium and the Immigration Legal Practitioners’ Association. We support their respective submissions in response to the consultation. This submission seeks to provide a specific Scottish perspective to the review. Further submissions and access to asylum support

July 2010

Joint response from the Asylum Support Partnership (ASP)

This policy document contains evidence about the problems and destitution experienced by many asylum seekers as a result of policy changes on presenting further submissions on asylum claims.

June 2010

Glasgow Housing Association consultation on allocation policy

This is our response to Glasgow Housing Association's consultation on its housing allocation policy.

May 2010

Law Commission consultation on adult social care

This is our response to The Law Commission consultation on its proposals for reforming the law in relation to Adult Social Care in England and Wales (consultation paper no. 192).

Read the appendix to our response (181Kb, PDF) Reforming Asylum Support: effective support for those with protection needs

February 2010 

Responses by Scottish Refugee Council and the Asylum Support Partnership to UK Border Agency consultation

The response by Asylum Support Partnership (ASP) references our research and Scottish specific aspects of the report. ASP states: “We are concerned that the Government's proposals will fail to create a coherent support system which meets the needs of asylum seeking individuals and families in the UK, resulting in destitution remaining a feature of the UK asylum system, at great cost to individuals and society.”ASP is made up of ourselves, Welsh Refugee Council, Refugee Council, North East Refugee Services and, at the time of the report, Refugee Action. Read the Scottish Refugee Council response

February 2010

Immigration rules framework: simplifying immigration law

Joint response by Scottish Refugee Council, Refugee Council and Welsh Refugee Council to UK Border Agency consultation.

We are concerned about the extent to which parliament allows extensive powers to be given to the Secretary of State, to be enacted in the form of rules, without sufficient detail of how these powers are to be exercised.