Sheila, Scottish Refugee Council Donor

Sheila donor

Scotland is a welcoming country, and I feel we have an obligation to those who are in need. It’s important to speak up for people who can’t speak up for themselves. 

Being forced to escape from your country is a daunting challenge, and one which is not made easy due to the bureaucracy of our asylum system. People often don’t understand the situations people have come from and have been forced to flee. 

Terms such as refugee, asylum seeker and immigrant mean different things, but are viewed as interchangeable.  This confusion does not help those in real need.  There is a lot of inaccurate information in the media which just adds fuel to the fire. 

In Britain we are lucky to have a welfare system to support those in need.  But some people seeking asylum fall through the cracks; ending up with nothing and going through periods of absolute destitution. 

Scottish Refugee Council makes people less invisible and gives refugees in Scotland a voice. As a donor, I’ve found supporting the Scottish Refugee Council and attending their AGMs to be an amazing experience.