Asylum seekers should have the right to work

We believe that asylum seekers in Scotland and across the UK should have the right to work if their asylum claim has not been resolved within six months.

As part of our campaign we have sent a joint letter to Scottish MPs urging MPs to sign a declaration allowing asylum seekers the right to work. The letter has been signed by leading refugee and asylum organisations including British Red Cross and Positive Action in Housing.

The declaration states:

I urge the Government to give asylum seekers permission to work if they have been waiting for more than six months for their cases to be concluded or if they have been refused asylum but temporarily cannot be returned to their country of origin through no fault of their own. 

This will prevent vulnerable people being left in a state of limbo for prolonged periods of time, will reduce the burden on the taxpayer and allow a small number of asylum seekers to support themselves and their families while contributing to the economy.

Take action

You can add weight to the joint letter by writing to your own MP. Please urge your MP to sign the declaration. You can copy the text of the declaration above, and add your own introduction if you wish.

To contact your MP go to the Write to Them website. This will allow you to find your local MP (not MSP) and complete an automatic letter online.

To learn more visit the Still Human Still Here website.