We're constantly pushing the Scottish and UK Governments for a more humane asylum system and for a better welcome for refugees and asylum seekers. We need your help.

Were you one of more than 3,000 people who signed our Stop Destitution campaign?

Launched in October 2012 and running until April 30, 2013, our Stop Destitution campaign called for Scots to come together to call for the UK Government to change the law that saw refugees forced into destitution.

At Scottish Refugee Council we work with those who have survived war, torture, persecution and claimed asylum in the UK because their lives were threatened.  But if their asylum claim is rejected, they get no support – they aren’t even allowed to work in the UK.  Unable to go home, they’re trapped in a system that forces them into destitution. They go homeless and hungry and we want to see the law changed.

We’re delighted that over 3,000 Scots – including MSPs and councillors, Glasgow’s Archbishop, the Head of the Church of Scotland and other faith and civic leaders -  agreed with us and signed our Stop Destitution petition.

And we won’t be letting the issue rest so watch out for updates.

What else you can do?

There’s still lots you can do to help us achieve our goal.

  • Write, email or make an appointment with your local MSP and MP and voice your concerns that people in Scotland are forced into total destitution
  • Campaign to allow asylum seekers whose claim is taking more than six months the right to work.
  • Keep the issue in the public eye – whether it’s writing to your local newspaper or organising a film screening of our Stop Destitution film at your event we aim to keep destitution on the public radar.

Other ways to take action

  • Sign up to our newsletter to receive regular updates on our work and news of campaign actions.

Join forces on national campaigns

We’re one of many refugee and asylum organisations campaigning to change asylum policy for the better.

We are part of the Still Human Still Here campaign, which focuses attention on the tens of thousands of refused asylum seekers who are destitute in the UK.

We are supporting Amina MWRC’s You Can Change This campaign (which asks the Scottish Muslim community and friends to promise opposition to all forms of violence against women and girls.

We also support the national Let Them Work campaign, which calls on the UK government to allow asylum seekers to work and support themselves.