We're constantly pushing the Scottish and UK Governments for a more humane asylum system and for a better welcome for refugees and asylum seekers. We need your help.

  • Write, email or make an appointment with your local MSP and MP and voice your concerns that people in Scotland are forced into total destitution
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Join forces on national campaigns

We’re one of many refugee and asylum organisations campaigning to change asylum policy for the better.


The Lift the Ban coalition is made up of over 80 organisations, and calls on the UK government to give those seeking asylum and their adult dependents the right to work, unrestricted to jobs on the Shortage Occupation List, and after waiting 6 months for a decision on their initial asylum claim or further submission. Lifting the ban would help people to integrate, allow people to live in dignity and fulfil their potential, address mental health issues, challenge forced labour and exploitation, and result in an economic gain for the UK of £42.2million.  Visit the Lift the Ban website for more information on this popular and evidence-based case for change, join the coalition or sign the petition to #LifttheBan!


The UK’s family reunion rules are extremely restrictive, only allowing spouses and children under the age of 18 to join their families in the UK. Unaccompanied children already living in the UK are not allowed to sponsor their parents or siblings to join them. Families have been torn apart by this hostile policy. In 2017, a Private Members Bill by MP Angus MacNeil set about to change this, hoping to expand the definition of family beyond this restrictive measure, and to allow unaccompanied children in the UK to sponsor their family members to join them here. It passed its second reading in March 2018, and we are awaiting the next step – things have gone quiet however, and the recent Immigration Bill ignored this pressing issue.  We are part of a coalition of 20 organisations, including Oxfam, Amnesty and the Refugee Council, to raise awareness and bring #familiestogether.