The primary aim of this initiative is to provide support activities that will underpin an application for funding to support a refugee led community project, based on the principle that seedcorn funding is an investment of a relatively small sum of money that may lead to bigger things. The seedcorn funding will provide an opportunity for refugee communities to get together to identify a project and for two members of the community group to receive training in the preparation, evaluation and appraisal of their project proposal for an Express Grant. The training programme is designed to build capacity within the community groups and, hopefully, increase the number of successful funding proposals.

It is envisaged that the seedcorn fund could be used by the community groups: -

To fund transport, room hire, refreshments etc for Community meetings to disseminate information about the initiative and to identify projects and prioritise a project to take forward as a proposal for Express Grant funding.

To identify the people who will take the proposal forward and attend the training programme.

To attend the Introduction Meeting and the subsequent training sessions.

Applicants need to describe clearly how their activities, supported by the seedcorn funding, will lead to an application for an Express Grant from Foundation Scotland with a value of £500 - £2000.



-        Any fully constituted Refugee Led Community Group can apply for seedcorn funding.

-        The applicant for seedcorn funding should hold a bank account in the communities name if not, a fully constituted Community Group can act as a Named Partner group to receive and distribute the allocated funds.

-        Seedcorn funding will be awarded only once per community for the development of a specific proposal.


The maximum amount of seedcorn funding which can be applied for is £500. The SRC will look for a strong case showing how the proposed activities will lead to a high-value proposal if applicants seek the maximum fund. The SRC Office will not provide administrative support for activities funded by this scheme.

Application form

The application form can be downloaded by clicking here and returned via email to Community Development Team

( )

or by post to SRC address.

If you have any questions, you can contact :

Petrit <>

Jewels <>


The deadline for seedcorn fund applications is 12:00 midday on Monday 4th December 2017. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.


Applications will be assessed by a panel consisting of the SRC Community Development Manager and two other senior colleagues.

The assessment criteria will be:

-The application contains all the information requested.

-The application displays a clear understanding of how the funding will be used to develop a proposal based on the activities documented on the Form.

-Priority will be given to communities who have never prepared a funding proposal or who have been unsuccessful with funding proposal. However, communities who are excluded from this project may, at their own expense, participate in the training sessions if there are places available.

Conditions of the funding

An initial payment of £250 will be paid once approved in December. A second payment of a maximum of £250 will be paid on January 2018 to cover the cost of community members attending the training programme.