Destitution Fund

In response to the recent announcement that more than 300 people in Glasgow will be forcibly evicted over the next 3 months, our destitution service is working harder than ever to minimise the impact on the individuals and the city.
Those who receive an eviction notice will be assisted directly by our caseworkers, who will be supporting an additional 30 people every week.

“The consequences of these evictions are clear: extreme human suffering on a mass scale with all the immediate adverse health and exploitation risks that ensue.” Graham O’Neill, Policy Manager, Scottish Refugee Council.

The increased demand on our team, means that additional support is vital to keep our service running.

Ways to help

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About our Destitute Asylum Advice Service (DASS) 

Refugees can become destitute at many points as they seek protection in the UK, leaving already traumatised individuals in an extremely vulnerable situation.

Through our holistic advice service, we assess people's needs and provide information and practical support to help them find a route out of destitution. We help people understand and access their rights and refer them to specialist services for health, welfare and psychological support as well as foodbanks and community support groups.

We deliver more than 1500 advice session every year and help hundreds of people when no one else is there for them.

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100% of your donations will support our Destitute Asylum Seeker Service (DASS), delivered in partnership with Refugee Survival Trust and British Red Cross.

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