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More useful facts about asylum in Scotland and the UK


Asylum in Scotland: The Facts (Scottish Refugee Council, 2013)

Asylumthefacts coverIn 2013 we produced a leaflet to provide factual information about the asylum system and about refugees and asylum seekers living in Scotland.

Read Asylum in Scotland: The Facts (PDF)

Find out more about funding arrangements and criteria for asylum seekers on the Scottish Government's website.

Tell it like it is: The Truth about Asylum (Refugee Council, 2010)

Tell it like it is: the truth about asylum In March 2010, the Refugee Council produced this informative leaflet which dispels myths and identifies facts and figures outlining the truth about asylum in the UK. 
Read Tell it like it is: The Truth about Asylum on Refugee Council’s website 

Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees (ICAR)

ICAR is an independent information and research organisation based at the Runnymede Trust.
Read their analysis of asylum statistics on the ICAR website