Shami Chakrabarti to speak on human rights of refugees

Shami Chakrabarti c.Gurjit Nahal
Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti

UK human rights leader Shami Chakrabarti joins us as a guest speaker at our Annual General Meeting on 14 January, as we mark the 60th anniversary year of the UN Refugee Convention.

Chakabarti is director of Liberty, a UK-wide charity which campaigns to protect our basic rights and freedoms. She is well-known as a commentator and challenger on human rights for us all – including people who’ve sought refuge in our country.

Asylum is a human right

Last year, we called on the public and politicians to remember that being able to seek asylum is a human right – and that the rights of every refugee should be protected as they go through the complicated and stressful asylum process.

In 2011, we, along with many other refugee charities, will be marking 60 years since the UN Refugee Convention was signed. It is as crucial as ever that our government honours their part in this lifesaving document – and continues to protect the rights of people fleeing war, torture and persecution.

Attending our AGM

Our AGM takes place on Friday, 14 January at Edinburgh’s City Chambers, from 2pm. If you’d like to come along to listen to the speakers and take part in helping make Scotland a better place for refugees, register now with our events calendar.

If you’re not already a member, you can also find out about how to become one.

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