UKBA release new figures on child detention and asylum

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Children should be treated humanely in the asylum process

Fifteen children entered detention during October, statistics released by the UK Border Agency have revealed.

Commenting on the figures, Scottish Refugee Council Policy and Research Manager Gary Christie said: ‘These latest figures show that children, who have committed no crime, are still being detained despite the UK government’s commitment to end this practice. Child detention is unacceptable.’

Fall in number of asylum applicants

The UK Border Agency also released its asylum statistics from the third quarter of 2010. These showed a drop in the number of people claiming asylum in the UK, and a fall in the number of claims being accepted. Christie added: ‘The fall in the number of people applying for asylum in the UK should enable the UK Border Agency to treat each and every person seeking protection they meet with sensitivity and respect.

‘People seeking asylum in the UK need protection from situations too horrendous for many of us to even contemplate. We must continue to uphold our duty under the 1951 Refugee Convention to protect those who need it most.’

Read the asylum statistics on the Home Office website.