#LiftTheBan National Day of Action in Glasgow

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Today we are part of a National Day of Action to Lift the Ban on asylum seekers’ right to work.

Our Policy Manager Graham O’Neill will be on a panel this evening at Glasgow City Chambers, alongside representatives from Latta and co., Maryhill Integration Network, MIN Voices, Radiant and Brighter and Refugee Survival Trust. The discussion – “why do we support the right to work?” - will be moderated by Karin Goodwin from The National.


About #LiftTheBan (from the Lift the Ban coalition website)

Right now, right here in the UK, people seeking refugee status are banned from working whilst they wait months, and often years, for a decision on their asylum claim.

Instead, they are left to live on just £5.39 per day, struggling to support themselves and their families, whilst the Government wastes the talents of thousands of people.

We think that’s wrong. We believe that people who have risked everything to find safety should have the best chance of contributing to our society and integrating into our communities. This means giving people seeking asylum the right to work so that they can use their skills and live in dignity.

The Lift the Ban coalition is working to change this. Together, we believe we can #LiftTheBan and ensure that people seeking safety in the UK have the right to work.


Hear about the effect of the ban on right to work on those directly affected by it here in Glasgow.


If you are interested in the agenda for this evening’s event, please find it here: LifttheBan.