New live chat service

Live Chat

Scottish Refugee Council has today launched a new online live chat service, enabling people to talk directly to our advisors about refugee and asylum issues. 

The Live Chat application is now available on our website and will be staffed by our experienced advisors each afternoon, Monday to Thursday. The new service is aimed at people looking for information and advice for themselves or to support people who are seeking asylum or who have refugee status, and are living in Scotland.  

The new service is part of Scottish Refugee Council’s wider project to expand its support to nurture refugee integration across the country. Read more about this.

Esther Muchena, Service Manager, said: “Travel costs, mobility issues, and childcare considerations can exclude people from accessing our support. Our new Live Chat service aims to make us more accessible to those looking for our help. It will minimise unnecessary journeys, giving more people the chance to speak to us, and enabling us to respond quicker.”

This project is part funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union.