Taskforce calls for right to work

Image Becky Duncan

We welcome Glasgow City Council adding their voice to the campaign for the right to work. But, our Policy Officer Graham O'Neill cautions that we must be realistic; at this stage the Home Office has only agreed to consider recommendations, not implement them.

"The taskforce’s recommendations around the right to work and safe access to the asylum process in Scotland would both make a huge difference to people’s lives. However, the Home Office has merely agreed to consider these recommendations set out today.

"We support the proposals and call on the Home Office to give them the most serious consideration. Every day we work with men and women seeking refugee protection who are desperate to work, to contribute their talents and skills and play a full part in Scottish society.

"As well as the right to work, the taskforce made a number of other recommendations, including the establishment of a partnership board to give the city oversight on how the Home office and Serco and Mears are operating its communities. This board must also focus on finding practical solutions to the crisis of homelessness and destitution among people refused asylum as a matter of urgency."

Join us in the campaign to #LiftTheBan on asylum seekers having the right to work.