Jeremy Corbyn pledges to bring asylum accommodation back into public sector


Scottish Refugee Council met with Jeremy Corbyn in Glasgow today to highlight the urgent need for an end to Serco's policy of short notice evictions.

Our Chief Executive, Sabir Zazai, called on the Labour leader to demand an overhaul of the Home Office's current asylum housing system, and to replace it with one that recognises and values the needs and rights of each individual involved. 

Jeremy Corbyn agreed with Scottish Refugee Council that the most effective and appropriate way to deliver housing to people in need is via the public sector, returning resources and oversight to local authorities and communities.

Sabir Zazai said: "We are still very concerned about significant numbers of people in Glasgow at risk of eviction, homelessness and destitution. These are people who have come here in search of safety and in need of protection.

"We believe there is a different and better way to provide housing to people in need, which, we must remember is a public service. We welcome Jeremy Corbyn prioritising this issue and are pleased he has  pledged his support to fighting any proposed evictions and to returning asylum accommodating to the public sector."

Scottish Refugee Council was joined at the meeting by representatives of many refugee supporting groups, public service law firms and housing campaigners as well as families and individuals living in Serco accommodation.