Asylum Seekers to be Locked Out of Homes

Locked door
Serco will issue lock change notices and evict women, men and children from their homes

Responding to Serco's announcement that it is to evict asylum seekers from its properties in Glasgow, Sabir Zazai, Chief Executive, Scottish Refugee Council said:

"Scottish Refugee Council is dismayed and extremely concerned by Serco's sudden and unexpected announcement that they will issue lock change notices and evict people from their homes. This is not how to run a fair and just asylum system and erodes trust amongst the public and organisations supporting refugees. This is not how anyone should be treated in modern day Scotland.

We call on the Home Office and Serco to immediately stop this process. This is a wholly irresponsible way to act. Forcing street destitution upon people in an already extremely vulnerable situation in such a severe and cruel manner will endanger their safety, leave them open to exploitation and ill-health. This places immense, immediate and unfair demands on the council, public bodies and charities, like ourselves to pick up the pieces.

Organisations working with people seeking asylum in Glasgow have repeatedly offered to work with the Home Office and Serco to establish a clear multi-agency assessment and referral process to ensure the rights and the best outcomes of people seeking asylum are secured, at a time when they face forced homelessness. We call on the Home Office to immediately convene a meeting with key stakeholders to make this happen.

Glasgow is a proud city that has welcomed and supported refugees for generations. This is not how people seeking our protection should be treated."

Protest the Evictions

There is a protest this Saturday at 11am at the Home Office's premises on Brand Street in Cessnock, Glasgow. Check out the Facebook event

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