Immigration removal facility plans rejected

Security fence
Immigration detention facility plans are rejected by Renfrewshire Council

Scottish Refugee Council statement on Renfrewshire Council’s refusal to give consent to a planning application to build a short-term holding facility at Glasgow Airport.

“Renfrewshire Council has sent a strong and clear message to the Home Office that immigration detention is simply not acceptable in Scotland. 

A Westminster inquiry in 2015 found that the UK locks up far too many people for far too long and that the UK Government’s immigration detention system is ‘expensive, ineffective and unjust’. It recommended a move towards community-based alternatives.

The Home Office now has an opportunity to fundamentally rethink immigration detention policy in the UK and introduce more humane and effective alternatives to denying people their liberty. This must include better decision-making and engagement with migrants earlier on to resolve their immigration status in the community.  

The Home Office’s response to today’s decision cannot be a return to the scandalous regime of indefinite detention in Dungavel nor can it be rendering people across the border to languish in prison-like centres in England away from support networks and legal representatives to act on their behalf. 

Scotland led the way in bringing about an end to detaining children in immigration centres. We can now lead the way towards ending indefinite immigration detention.”