Immigration Bill will harm destitute families and children

A destitute man c.Kuzma/ iStock
Many people seeking asylum in the UK are left destitute

MPs are today (13 October) debating the Immigration Bill which has its second reading in the House of Commons.

The Immigration Bill would drastically increase the vulnerability of women, children, and men who have been refused asylum by removing their safeguard of accommodation and providing very limited cash support. It would also remove the right of appeal against a decision to stop or discontinue support which would create a UK-wide regime of allowing the destitution of vulnerable people including children.

Graham O’Neill, Policy Officer at Scottish Refugee Council said: "We oppose the UK Government’s Immigration Bill, which receives its Second Reading today at Westminster.

“The world is in the midst of a global humanitarian crisis and we are dismayed that the Home Secretary is again choosing to look inward and introduce yet another piece of asylum and immigration legislation.

“Far better if she were to look outward and see how the UK Government can bring its considerable influence to bear in sharing responsibility with its European neighbours and partners in affected regions to practically help more people through safe and legal routes to protection and resettlement.

“This Bill will do great harm if enacted including sanctioning the destitution of families and children refused asylum and extending the reach of the UK State into the lives of ordinary people in housing, banking services and other parts of life.

“We urge the UK Parliament to postpone this Bill and so the UK Government can give all its energy to the refugee crisis."

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