Millions of Britons have supported refugee relief


A recent poll shows that more than a third of people in the UK have contributed to the refugee relief effort in some way over the past month.

According to the poll carried out for the Charities Aid Foundation, more than 6 million people have donated to a refugee charity appeal, 1.8 million households have said they would offer a room to a refugee, while millions of others have given food, clothes, and volunteered their time to support refugees. People have also taken to social media in their masses to show their support for those seeking safety.

The poll shows us what we already know: people do care about refugees and are deeply moved by the plight faced by millions of people across the world.

The poll’s findings are extremely encouraging and contradict some of the negative press and comments we see on social media. Scottish Refugee Council and fellow charities across the UK have been inundated with offers of support that is unlike anything we have experienced before.

Thousands of people have turned out at events across the UK to show solidarity with refugees, more than a thousand people in Scotland have now registered their practical offers of support on, at Scottish Refugee Council our inboxes have been filled with countless inspiring messages and hundreds of people have donated to support our work and are spreading positive messages by wearing our ‘Aye Welcome Refugees’ t-shirts. The list goes on.

The country is full of welcoming, compassionate people. We need to keep up the good work, especially as there is more to do.